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Study safe , from anywhere for 100% free. We have students at heart and it is our dream, daily goal and vision to ensure that every child from anywhere access free education. We believe that free education for all irespective of age, sex, gender, nationality, religion is every child's free birth right.


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* Our traffic is growing up to 10236+ students from over 25+ countries have started using CIOHS for their studies. Be kind, a friend to benefit also!!

We are commited to shaping futures of all students

Unlike physical schools we work 24/7 non stop to deliver SDG Goals and offer free education for all students from anywhere without any desrimination thereby making our services and the platform accessible at any given time.

Access to free high quality education for students is still a challenge to many students due to infirnity circumstances. Hence as CIOHS we are here to provide students with whatever they need from notes and handouts, explanatory lecture videos, free textbooks and online teacher support through our post and comment forum and online classes.


Free Books Open Library Access

Good Text Books have became very expensive these days. Students have ended up using poor content textbooks since they cannot afford the textbooks. Under our library & Publishing House department we are working with students, passionate authors and writers from all over the world publishing their scripts & writings into high quality international standard books.

Editing, proof reading, publishing, graphical designing and all other tasks are done for free for these writers by our experts for the sake of students to access the books for free from the library. Donations in form of hard copies will be made to the under priviledged students who cannot access the library online due to circumstances. All thanks goes to those who are willing and publishing their works under our Publishing House helping us shape the future of all students for free!

Interactive vissual learning for students

We support students with interactive video tutorials to ensure that students fully understand topic concepts. These are inform of explanatory pre-recorded professionally made summary lessons for all subject topics making it easy for students from different academic backgrounds to grasp concepts especially in practical subjects that require practice.

Understanding made easy.

This approach supplements understanding loopholes and shortfalls by students as they study.

Fully Explanatory, Interactive and Illustrative

When we prepare these tutorials make it our focus that our lecture explanatory tutorials videos are very clear ,precise and Illustrative where possible.

Prepared with high professionalism and skillset

Our video tutorials are made using a very professional approach and format that meets students needs at ease.

Why Collins International Online High School

Our Core Services, Amazing features, dedicated passionate team and all in all your support makes us a cut above the rest and largely beneficial to students who study under us.


As CIOHS we provide students with the best upto date high quality content. We believe in quality and relevance to meet any students's needs. Our team of academic experts makes this their number 1 , priority, duty and responsibility.

notes & handouts

Our library provides students with upto date free textbooks, journals, novels and any relevant publications from CIOHS Publishers which has more than thousands of international writers who voluntarily publishes their books for free.

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Our mission is to ensure that the physical school environment is also experienced through our online learning. Our online classes, post & comment discussions makes this goal come to life thereby making education rich and intresting.

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Students have also access to subject topic self assesment quizes and tests which produce instants marks after taking them. We believe that free upto-date high quality education is every child's right forever without any discrimination basing on colour, religion or nation.

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Our tutors (online teachers) available at any given minute to assist students with their questions through posts and comments under our online classes, private messaging & our post and comment discussion forum..

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Through our website and mobile app students can access our features and services any time of the day from anywhere. Unlike physical schools we don't close and our team works 24/7 so as to meet students needs.

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Go Mobile, Our Mobile Application

Students can now access CIOHS using our mobile app. Our mobile app can be downloaded directly from this website or from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore. For Now our apps supports Android and Apple only!

Powerful Brings more Transparency and Speed

Our developers developed our app in such a way that loading speed is increadible well tailored to reduce incoveniences. The app perfoms incredibly in any supported phone without discriminating any locations.

Cross Platform supports 600M+ devices worldwide!

Worry not, we have every student at heart so we got you covered our mobile app supports all Android and Apple devices from the very lowest OS version to the latest current version. We are working on developing our app to support other mobile phones versions likes Windows and many more!

Special for Multiple Use Capabilities

Supports multi tasking at large. Our app also shares same database with our web so when u useCIOHS on web and turn to the app all progress and most recent activity will popup without any incoveniences.


CIOHS content is greatly upto date that it has helped me meet up with my studies needs.

Nyasha Delphine

Knowing about CIOHS is one thing l cherish daily. For me it is the best Online School ever.

Asim Wakar

May whoever is behind CIOHS be blessed, for the great impact. Keep it up team CIOHS.

Professor Dhoro

CIOHS is the best platform l have used so far. Its resources have greatly helped.